It’s your network & your captive audience, monetise now.

Customers are here & connected now. Engage them on mobile with sponsored contents, real-time.

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Powerful yet simple tools to manage and insert sponsored contents over your network.

Sweat your greatest physical asset - the network !

Monetise your network with sponsored contents and advertising.

Generate additional ongoing stream of revenue from your network assets.

No app, No settings, No fuss !

Our capabilities are enabled from the network using deep packet interception technologies.

Customers require no app install, no special settings.

As long as they are on your network, they will see the sponsored contents and advertising.

Leading-edge advertising.

We get it!

Nobody engages with boring, unattractive ads and contents.

Our content formats range from auto-play videos, images, animated icons or logos, banner and pop-up, to more creative solutions like interactive page-within-page peel flip format.

We are always innovating and creating new attractive content formats.

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